Hi, I’m Rah. And I’d love to take your photos

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you’re looking for a package or suite of photos to use in sharing your work. 

I’ve held branding sessions for a variety of clients, including entrepreneurs, touring musicians,

comedians – working with my clients to create branded imagery that tells your story – authentically. 

And making sure you look pretty dang good doing it.

Creative Director & Photographer

When working with branding clients, I’ve found that clients often need a creative director. 

Someone to help create a set (background), color story and narrative. 

There’s varying amounts needed here, and some clients run the whole show! 

As someone working in media for the last 10 years, I am able to direct as needed – while also

making sure my client’s goals are heard and we create images you love. 

Below, I’ve shared a description of branding packages and pricing.  Please note that these are

estimates, and a specific quote will be shared prior to us working together

Half-Day Branding Session || Starting at $2,500

Do you have a big launch or release coming up? Are you looking at your current images and thinking,

“Ehhh, close – but I need something more.  Something different.” 

Then this package is for you.   

The half-day branding session is designed for clients who need images for a promotional campaign.   

Entrepreneurs promoting a new product, comedians or musicians promoting a

tour – this half-day session is designed to get you the photo assets you need for your website and social media.